Tripura Gramin Bank was set up with four branches on 21st December, 1976under the Regional Rural Bank Act. 1976 in the state of Tripura. Since its existence, the Tripura Gramin Bank is dedicated to the amelioration of the socio-economic condition of the rural people of the state.

The state of Tripura is one of the North-Eastern States of India having an area of 4051 sq. mile or 10491.69 sq. km. and a population of 36,71,032 with 18,71,867 males and 17,99,165 females as per 2011 census. Tripura is almost surrounded by international borders having a road-link through Assam with the rest of the country. Despite various constraints like geographical and infrastructural impediments, Tripura Gramin Bank has been playing a pivotal role for the welfare of the people of the State for last 35 years and has established its firm position and has been enjoying the confidence of the people.

Since the economy of the state is basically agrarian, the development what so ever is based on agriculture apart from a segment of village and cottage industries . Tripura Gramin Bank has now become an inseparable part of state economy for its commitment and contribution to the process of economic up-liftment of the poor and downtrodden people of the state. Beside normal banking business, Tripura Gramin Bank is also extending diversified services like payment of monthly salary to a larger section of the employees of the state Govt., TTAADC and School Teachers. More than 125000 nos. of NREGA’s and 50000 old age pension payment also made through the bank. Other services including collection of Tripura Sales Tax and value of Food grains from F. P. Shop dealers on behalf of the State Govt. is being done by the bank since long.

Tripura Gramin Bank has been seriously implementing the latest R. B. I. guideline on financial inclusion where in extremely poor people are encouraged for opening their SB A/C with ‘O’Balance . They are also provided O/D Loan to meet their credit requirement in a hassle free manner . Bank has also taken step for issuance of G. C. C. to deserving candidates up to Rs.25000/= with out insisting for collateral security.

Tripura Gramin Bank has been attaching topmost priority in implementation of micro credit, particularly direct lending to SHG Groups form mostly by women entrepreneurs.







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