Loans and Advances Outstanding:

The loans and advances of the bank as on 31.03.2011 increased to Rs.9940126 thousand from R.7996476 thousand of last year and thereby registered a growth of 24.31% and against the target of Rs.12400000 thousand. The priority sector advance has increased to Rs.6550737 thousand as at the end of the reporting year constituting 65.90% of the loans and advances.

The loans and advances in the agricultural sector has increased to Rs.1328384 thousand which constituted 13.36% of total loans and advances of the bank as against the national target of 18%. The bank could extend the credit to the tune of Rs.5390530 thousand to the weaker section of the society up to 31.03.2011 which constitute 76.47% of the total advance under Priority Sector.

Fresh Disbursement of Loans and Advances:

The Bank put in all possible efforts to increase the flow of credit during the reporting year. As a result of sustained efforts from the beginning of the year the bank could disburse Rs.3574022 thousand under different lending schemes against the target of Rs.4600000 thousand. Thus the growth of fresh loan disbursement recorded 31.68% over the last year?s disbursement of Rs.2714160 thousand. The main thrust was given on lending under Agricultural sector. Total disbursement made in Agricultural sector was Rs.694608 thousand during the reporting year while last year it was Rs.670301 thousand.

Loan Type:


Scheme Details

Loans in TGB are given for Agricultural purpose & Agri-allied activities, Trade through CC/OD, Transport purpose,Small Scale Industries, Artisans, Demand Loan, Car Loan, Purchase / Construction / Extension /Renovation / Repair / Furnishing of Residential house / Flat including the purchase of land and construction thereon etc.

Kisan Credit Card - For any kind of Agricultural requirements especially for Crop Cultivation by all types of Farmers.

General Credit Card - For any type of productive activity related to trades and industries may be traditional or innovative.

Swarojgar Credit Card - For all unemployed or semi-employed persons to upgrade themselves to self-dependent by promoting any programme of productive purpose.

Medium Term Farm Loans - For Agricultural and Agri-allied activities, Agro machineries & Equipments where repayment of loans continues for a period of 2 to 5 years.

Transport Operator Loan - To Purchase any kind of vehicle for generating income.

Housing Loan Scheme - You can construct your house if you posses a piece of land. You can extend your house. You can renovate / repair your house. And so on .........

Own Your Car Scheme - Service holders, Professionals and Self-employed persons have the scope to avail his own vehicle.

Small Business Loans - Initiate your business or expand your business by availing required capital from the bank.

Bharat Darshan Loan - To meet up your expenses for a Family Tour in India.

Loan to SHG - Self-Help Groups are financed for strengthening their groups by promoting different productive financial activity.

Loan Under SGSY - It's a unique Govt. Sponsored loan programme being implemented by the bank.

Loan Under Swabalamban - Loans for acquiring consumer durables.

TGB Silver Jubilee Rural Housing Loan - Housing loan being extended for the rural people.

Utsav Wrin Prakalpa - A Short term loan for meeting up expenses required during Festivals.

Education Loan Scheme - Loans available for higher education of children.

LATD - Loan Against Term Deposit is available on temporary requirement being sanctioned on assignment of Term Deposit Receipt to be repayable within two years or before the maturity of said deposit.







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