In this modern age of technology, Banking business is very difficult without computerization and more particularly, Banks services to its customers can not reach to the desired level and no bank will be able to survive for a long in this competitive market without adopting Core Banking Solution (CBS). Nowadays, the inhabitants staying at the farthest part of the earth can be connected within a very few moments with the help of modern connectivity process. So, there is none to wait much time for a service from any institution. And the quickest service is only possible through CBS.

Tripura Gramin Bank has started its service through Core Banking Solution during the last part in the year 2010. Before that it was computerized from manual operation and was running under ALPM and TBM. As per direction from the Govt. of India, the UBI sponsored Regional Rural Banks viz. Bangiya Grameen Vikash Bank (BGVB), Assam Gramin Vikash Bank (AGVB), Manipur Rural Bank (MRB) and Tripura Gramin Bank (TGB) functioning in the East & North-Eastern states, have been fixed a target to migrate their operating system to CBS within December 2011. TGB had taken a target to complete the task within September 2011. Accordingly, our Gurkhabasti Branch was migrated to CBS on 30 October 2010 as the first Pilot branch. The next two pilot branches, Bardowali & Kanchanpur were migrated on 20th November 2010. Rest of the branches were migrated in phases and the Bank could successfully achieved the target of migration of all of its branches within 15th August 2011.

 Let us know about certain advantages of Core Banking Solution:


With the introduction of CBS, now you can transfer all types of Deposit Accounts to wherever you want within the TGB Circle. You just have to give a written application to the Branch Manager mentioning the name of the TGB Service Outlet(Branch) where you want to transfer your account and your account will get transferred within a very short time.


Now you can transfer funds to wherever you like within the TGB Network instantly. CBS also facilitates the transfer of funds with other Banks within an instant using NEFT/RTGS. You just have to know the IFS Code of the corresponding Bank-Branch and the Account Number where the money is to be remitted. Visit your nearest TGB Service Outlet ( Branch) for more information.


Core banking solution facilitates inter-sol transactions to be made from anywhere within the TGB Circle.Now you can Deposit and Widraw money from your Account from any Branch.For more information, visit your nearest Service Outlet (Branch).